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FILUX Mexico

2017-11-16 - 2017-11-19

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About FILUX Mexico


FILUX is the only International Festival of Lights in the American continent and is made by FILUX Lab in alliance with different institutions and companies.

FILUX has the structure of the international light festivals being a space for the promotion and exhibition of the work of art made with the language of light that links the local artists with the best of international art, bringing them closer to the inhabitants of Mexico. It thus consolidates the city as an international cultural space for social integration and recovery of public space.


The program is based on a four-night tour and has several works of art made with light ranging from monumental projections to colorful and fun creations made by students. Mapping, projections, light sculptures, installations, architectural lighting, paths of light, candles, fire, cinema and music.

FILUX promotes the sense of artistic community by bringing together artists of international stature with national artists, through the production of original works, through workshops that are developed locally with unique artistic ideas.

The tours are made during the night for free. The consequence of this inclusive organization of spaces and circuits produces a new dynamic and vision of the people about their city.

IDENTITY OF THE FESTIVAL (Muralism, the deconstruction of cinema and light as a transforming space)

FILUX unlike other international festivals has worked deeply for several years to build an identity that reaffirms it as unique in the world.

FILUX takes as its starting point light as a transforming space: muralism, being a collective artistic expression that consists of the intervention of light over the various spaces and venues in the Historic Center. It is also defined by the cinematographic deconstruction. As we walk we discover the pictures changing the dynamics of watching in a fixed way as they pass the 24 frames per second




FILUX Mexico
Centro Historico
Mexico, Mexico
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