Why do we want an International Light festival Organisation?

For over three years, the International Light festival Organisation (ILO) has been uniting European and worldwide light festivals. The ILO members are the core element which makes the Organisation an open, influential, international place for any light festival that wants to be a part of a light festival community.

Light festivals have been working together internationally since the very first developments of light festivals. ILO brings light festivals together to inspire one another, to foster an exchange of knowledge, to help the festivals with ideas , to search for solutions, increase networking opportunities, and keep festivals informed about issues at stake in the festival and cultural world. All from a viewpoint of artistic excellence and internationalisation.

ILO and its members are connected by their common beliefs that guide and strengthen the work of light festivals in their local contexts. Inspired, experienced light festival directors, who have dedicated their lives to producing a light festival, have an intellectual, emotional and aesthetic value which can have a stronger voice and greater impact when united in a community.

The ILO light festivals are learning from each other, creating alliances, trust and friendship which can inspire and empower every single element. Together, this ILO group of extraordinary people can have a positive impact on the development of future, cultural heritage.

ILO light festivals can be important actors in societal development. In changing the world for the greater good by providing a platform for artistic expressions and by bringing communities together.

ILO believes that a respected and pioneering network can facilitate an exchange of knowledge and information and therefor broaden every single member’s perspective.


The International Light festivals Organisation (ILO) is an alliance of  individual light festivals to share vision, inspiration and information on an international level, encourages networking and exchange of knowledge, experience and information and creates a platform for co-production, research and communication. The aim is to enhance quality, strength and artistic content for member festivals and create awareness for light festivals and light art worldwide.


Light festivals are at the crossroads of entertainment, design and art which gives them a very specific position from a festival point of view as well as in a cultural context and as a city marketing tool. ILO wants to strengthen the position of light festivals on the level of artistic excellence and internationalization. Light festivals bring together a very large but also very diverse and broad audience. ILO members want to embrace this diversity and create festivals where there are as few boundaries as possible to have visitors get acquainted with art in public space.

ILO members share the values of: transparency, openness, collaboration and see themselves as allies and not as competitors.
ILO members act with a fundamental respect for the position of artists, designers and rights holders. ILO wants to generate better conditions for light art and light artists. Creating awareness concerning light festivals, their role in a cultural, social and innovational context can be strengthened by a united communication platform that ILO provides and by investing and sharing studies on the field of light art en light art festivals.

ILO represents diverse parties from diverse nationalities, bringing across a unified message. To create a better future for all parties, a network inspires, exchanges information and informs everyone that is involved. This integrity is ILO’s main driving force.