How does it work?

The goals

The International Light festivals Organisation has developed a strong mission to benefit its members:


  • ILO connects dynamic minds from all over Europe and beyond, who are ready to engage, reflect and be inspired by each other’s experiences.
  • ILO highlights the development role of light festivals as they create an artist platform to experiment and take risks. This leads to new solutions, realities and bridging communities.
  • ILO promotes the role of light festivals as a pioneer of artistic creation and social relevance. They raise questions and share visions and narratives through artistic expressions.
  • ILO members gain deeper insight into global light festival organization and curation and contribute to the story telling activity that light festivals create.

Networking & collaboration

  • ILO connects light festival colleagues and partners from across the world, creating networking opportunities, in a physical and/or virtual way.
  • ILO offers its members the opportunity to work together, learn from each other, create alliances, trust and friendship and show solidarity in their support of one another.
  • ILO facilitates opportunities for successful artistic, productional, educational, financial partnerships.
  • ILO organizes an annual meeting in collaboration with one of its members. Every year this will take place in another country.

Information and Communication

  • ILO ensures a continuous loop of information between the organization and its members, the broad public and the media.
  • ILO informs members about current trends and developments in festivals.
  • ILO provides contacts to the international cultural press, networks, ministries, public authorities and EU institutions.
  • ILO increases the visibility of members by using a broad mix of communication tools and actions. Every member will be brought to the attention of the international festival community.


  • ILO nurtures the exchange of knowledge and expertise through international programs, specifically aimed at the professional light festival managers and producers.
  • ILO provides a platform to share experiences.
  • ILO offers access to newly released materials and allows involvement in research activities.
  • Changes and new technology go fast in the field of lighting and light design. ILO can support and initiate new ideas, studies and implementations of technological innovations and new media.

Policy Development

  • ILO participates prominently in a wider political/economical/cultural debate to create opportunities for light festivals and light artists to connect their local needs to a broader European and international context.
  • ILO can initiate and intensify collaborations between member festivals but also partners in the field of education, research, universities, technical support…
  • By Investing in development and training and creating a strong, united vision on light art and light festivals, ILO generates better conditions for light art and light artists.