Transport customs

  • Not every festival has experience with transport and customs (duties). At ILO, this experience is incorporated. This can be a big help for ILO members.

Crowd management and safety

  • Light Festivals are very popular. More and more festivals have trouble guaranteeing the safety of their visitors. Over the last couple of years, ILO has developed itself as an experienced partner in this matter.
  • Should a festival run into problems with the local officials, ILO can be of assistance.
  • ILO has to make reports which can be handed over to the local officials.

Development educational programmes

  • Many festivals are working on educational programmes. This information will be shared at ILO so that all festivals receive the same information.
  • ILO can bring a team together to create even better programmes on a variety of levels.
  • This can be on a university level, but also for primary schools and everything in between.

Press support

  • Every Light Festival has its own press contacts: locally, nationally and internationally. Should we combine these contacts at ILO, we all benefit from this international list of press contacts. One of the tasks of the ILO office is to keep this contact list updated.
  • Press releases can be send out via the ILO office. Of course, every festival has its own responsibility to send their own press releases.

Audience development

  • Every Light Festival is interested in audience-development. Together we can develop a new strategy on this matter.

Innovation of materials and technologies

  • ILO can have a supportive role when it comes to material and technological innovations. The website is an excellent way to communicate this with our members.


  • A lot of Light Festivals conduct research, for instance about their visitors. The outcome can help other festivals to convince their local government as well as potential sponsors.


  • ILO can search for international ILO sponsorships and its members. More and more companies are interested in international sponsoring. Due to the fact that ILO ‘s members are located all over the world, it is easy to get this attention for worldwide sponsors. The network makes ILO stronger.