What do we do?

Throughout the year ILO offers many activities for the benefit of its members:


  • ILO delegations: meetings with partners or colleagues from around the world.
  • ILO generates a databank of artists and their work at the ILO website, accessible for members only
  • ILO members can use the databank as a tool for open calls
  • ILO writes a blog at a secured portal of the ILO website.


  • ILO General Assembly and Conference: once a year, the ILO light festival community comes together. This is a unique opportunity for members to meet their light festival colleagues, to exchange, discover and share information. Every year, this takes place in another country in collaboration with one of the members.
  • Solidarity actions: ILO engages in collective, international actions to support the members in their local situations.

Information and Communication

  • ILO website: informs the world about ILO’s members and activities.
  • Social Media: extended online activities of the light festival community via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
  • ILO: newsletters to ILO members, providing information updates on light festivals and culture.
  • Fest Flash: public newsletter containing news from the light festival community.


  • Working Groups on Artistic Collaboration, Festival Communication, New Business Models: meetings for those eager to engage in co-productions/co-programming, in charge of communicating the artistic programmes, and responsible for finding financial support to make the artistic vision happen.
  • Access to research: first-hand access to newly released studies and contacts to a network of researchers.
  • Contacts: an exclusive database includes cultural press and media contacts, cultural networks, cultural ministries, EU institutions and more in over 40 countries.

Policy Development

  • Annual talk with EU Commissioner for Culture: festival directors have the opportunity to discuss matters of interest directly with EU policy makers. And spread it worldwide where possible.
  • Participation in the international debate on culture: ILO and its members act as speakers in international conferences, participants in exclusive talks, and as mentors or presenters in training programmes.
  • Participation in EU initiatives: ILO is a strong partner in EU initiatives and actions and is also a continuous dialogue partner in various policy fields.